How to Create a Facebook Account

December 25, 2010 | 01:31

Facebook is one social network media site that can be used as a place to interact with different people from around the world. Facebook can also be used as a medium of friendship and business.

For most Internet users, Facebook now has become a necessity. This is a proof that facebook is needed for them, because not only chat (chat) provided up as facility users but also can send emails, make friends, create their own group, advertising, and other facilities which are all very easy to learn even by the beginner.

At this time I will share experiences on how to make or sign up on facebook, as for the steps are as follows:

1. To sign up on facebook as the first condition must have an active e-mail, if not please make it first and see how here or here.

2. Visit of webbrowser used.

3. Once inside facebook page, fill out the registration form and click "Sign up".

4. At the security check, write what you see, then click "Sign up".

5. Follow the next steps, fill out the form and then click Skip this step.

6. Click Save & Continue.

7. Upload Photos to be a profile or may later, click Save & Continue.

8. Up here you have already signed up to Facebook, but kenggotaan you do not already active. To activate membership, you must verify it.

9. Open the e-mail address used to register you, click the verification link from facebook.

10. After that you will be taken on the facebook page, it means you have activated your membership and are ready to use the facilities up. Here you can do the setting-setting, making friends, edit profile, upload photos, chat, and so forth.
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