How To Know Blog Nofollow or Dofollow

April 14, 2011 | 17:27

Many ways can be done to find out the status blogs, blogs status nofollow or dofollow, depending on the browser we use. On this occasion, I will share an easy way to view the status of the visited blog, nofollow or dofollow by right-clicking on Mozilla Browser. This method is quite easy, simply by using the right click on the blog in question.

Do the following:

1. Open blog in existing pages comments
2. Then block the name / link commentator, then right click and select view source selected text
3. For the nofollow usually writing, rel = "nofollow" on the page that appears, as below.

<a href="" rel="nofollow">papanya_Titi</a>

4. For the dofollow, don't have any posts rel = "nofollow", the page that appears, as below

<a href="">papanya_Titi</a>

My advice, we do not need to think about whether the blog is nofollow or dofollow, which remain important mutual friends, and visit other, good luck and greetings bloggers.

Hopefully useful.
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