How to See Who's on Facebook From Beginning Until Now

April 16, 2011 | 20:40

Your facebook user? If you facebook users and frequent use of this service, would have a lot of updated status and are not counted again. Facebook is one of the largest social networking today and have a lot to use it.

If you include an active user of this service, various kinds of status that may have been updated from the very first time to use it. But still remember the first updated status or status in your facebook account?

At this time I will share, how to display the status we on facebook, from the beginning until now.

1. Log in to your facebook account
2. Type in a new tab on the browser used
3. Give access these applications with the click Allow
4. If successful, you will see all our status from the beginning to the last update the status.

Hopefully with this application you can see all the status that you have ever typed/update on facebook.
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