A cannon Standing in Dabo Singkep

May 6, 2011 | 04:16

A cannon standing historical legacy of the past which is located in the town of Dabo Singkep, save the mystery which can not tolerate human common sense, because from the beginning until now upright cannon can never be revoked by humans even though the machine has been deployed but he did not be deprived

Regarding the origin or history of the cannon erect it in Dabo Singkep, until now there is no certainty or written records, but there are sources from the previous parent, that the cannon was planted by a descendant of the king named "ncek walek". However there is also reputedly the story, there is a princess of the royal Linga fight with Prince. For one thing, the daughter is angry and stick a cannon, which until now can be found at the beach area Batu Berdaun Dabo Singkep. To keep these objects local government provide budget to preserve it with a trellis and paping blog to look beautiful and awake, as one tourist destination in Dabo Singkep.
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