If true, means you're in the feeling of Love

November 2, 2011 | 06:36

Falling in love can make the world a change. Even a row of existing concrete along the way as if turned into beautiful flowers that make the step into a light and always smiling all day.

Maybe your friends and the people closest to you know your attitude changes, which could be you do not realize it. You also might be wondering is it true you happy feelings due to being in love with someone or just sheer awe?

Easier knowing that your body is being plagued by the flu, rather than realizing that you are in love, because the signs of falling in love almost invisible. In fact, you can judge for yourself, that you are afflicted by the 'virus' in love.

Thought you only focused on her

When you fall in love, then your mind will respond by activating the hormone Dopamine. This hormone is a hormone similar to hormones that can cause a person addicted to addictive substances. So do not be surprised if you are addicted to constantly think about it, keep talking, keep imagining and wonderful things you have passed with him, and you'll have trouble sleeping because your imagination is more fun than dreaming about having the latest brand handbags at bedtime.

Starting obsessed with her

You begin to obsess him. This obsession is almost the same as if you were amazed by your favorite artist. Starting with the following information where he went or what he's doing now. If he has a social media, then you will become a follower who secretly follow what is happening with their status. You may also be interested in like hobbies, hobby even before it was boring stuff for you. Or you start thinking about whether he was dreaming of you tonight. Do not worry, all this is still normal.

More to love yourself

Someone who is in love, it will usually follow the tastes of the people he likes, even though it was not his favorite. But if you have entered the mature stage, then you will love yourself when you fall in love with someone.

You will not force yourself to wear something that is liked by him that you like, but you will appreciate your thoughts are in line with his thinking. If you have thoughts that are inconsistent with it, you will be happy to discuss it as something to complement each other. You will also be more concerned with appearance and your health. Not only the sheer fun that you like someone, the more you love yourself.

When you feel all three of these markers, it looks like you got a positive 'virus' in love!
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