Wow, Student in Semarang, managed to create applications Education Games on mobile phones

November 30, 2011 | 13:59

Inspired by mobile phone technology advances, the student SMKN 1 Tengaran, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, managed to create an educational game applications for mobile phones called "Jarimatika". Application of numeracy games for elementary school students can be installed on Symbian based phones.

The initial idea of making educational games for this phone, motivated by a number of elementary school students who have cell phones. In addition to communicating, children usually play games on their own phones. Making Jarimatika educational games on this phone is not as easy as imagined.

Making game created by seven students was carried out since six months ago. To speed up game development, each student has their respective roles. Such as creating a game program that could meet a number of obstacles, especially when they enter the program script could not run, because the basis of this game for a computer program but applied to the phone.

In addition to the program, the key to this game also exist in graphic design. To be more interesting for primary school students, they invented the character of an elementary school student is funny, using blankon. This game can make the students more enthusiastic in learning to count fast, for primary school students.

Released on page Tekno liputan6 (11/29/2011), after being tested on elementary school students Karangduren 1 Tengaran, it turns out this game received a positive response from the children who missed the fun educational games like this. The plan, this game will be released to the public to be more useful for the progress of children learning to count elementary school in Indonesia. Regarding the discovery that it is beneficial, Principal SMKN 1 Tengaran, Solaminudin, fully supports the students performed.
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