Braille glass Creative Primary School Students in Gresik, East Java

December 1, 2011 | 03:55

Creating a work certainly does not look at age, place and location, ideas and creations can come from anywhere. Two elementary school students Muhammadiyah in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia, namely Muhammad Ghulam Faras, and Nadia Almas, making braille glass that is destined for the physically blind.

Braille glasses are made they are equipped with an alarm. The alarm will sound when the water in the glass is almost full. That way, users would not have to worry about the water will spill if it is poured.

Making the braille glass is expected to help and make it easier for the blind when pouring water into a glass so as not to spill. For that, they complement the simple and relatively inexpensive components, as revealed Nadia Almas, was released on page Tekno Liputan6 (11/26/2011).

The idea of ​​making glass braille, they can be after reading the book of Louis Braille, about the difficulties persons with visual impairment when water poured into a glass. This creation delivers both elementary school students is a finalist in the National Young Innovators Award to IV, who held LIPI in 2011.
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