Five most unique restaurant in the World

January 8, 2012 | 14:32

Culinary tour at the present time this is being widely discussed. Of course also feels very exciting with a culinary tour. No wonder if the restaurant had just opened, it was crowded. The more unique menu that is available along with the restaurant decor, a growing number of visitors also come. Quoted from page Detiktravel, following are five restaurants with a unique design.

1. Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

Underwater restaurant is located in the Maldives. The restaurant first opened in April 2007 at the Hilton Hotel and the first underwater restaurant in the world. Ithaa named which means pearl in the Maldives. Ate an amazing sensation can be felt when visiting this restaurant. Variety of coral, the fish that swim, and other underwater beautiful panorama can also be felt, because the position of restaurant located 5 meters below the Indian Ocean.

2. Medical Restaurant (Taipei, Taiwan)

Medical Restaurant located in Taipei. The restaurant is named DS Music Restaurant and designed like a hospital. In fact, the maid also dressed like a nurse at the hospital. Which again is unique bottled drinks packaged in bottles provided infusion. The maid also act as a nurse at the hospital that will treat patients. Visitors will be given a question, if successfully answered, the nurses will be sprayed into the mouth of visitors drink a syringe.

3. Cabbage and Condom Restaurant (Pattaya, Thailand)

In Thailand, there is a restaurant that serves a unique atmosphere. The restaurant is the Cabbage and Condom Restaurant. Named so because of a variety of ornaments with a condom as its object can be found at this restaurant. Starting from the condom to be used as wall hangings, pictures of condoms on the carpet.

The restaurant is not only selling a phenomenal name. But also, the delicious food available. At this restaurant, visitors will also be served with traditional Thai food. International food is also provided in this place. Do not be surprised if you are given a condom so pay for food on the counter, because this is one form of service in this restaurant.

4. Nyotaimori, Restaurant cannibals (Tokyo, Japan)

Restaurant with a very unique name, but the restaurant does not provide food cannibal organ of the human body, but food that is made exactly to the human body. If you are curious about this restaurant, just come to Tokyo, Japan. The name of the restaurant of this kind is Nyotaimori, which means food on the woman's body. There are many restaurants in Tokyo that serves Nyotaimori.

Not only is the food like a human body, it also provides the kind of restaurant that served sushi on the human body, usually a woman. Most popular name is sashimi girl. Certainly made very unique.

5. Photos Beer Spa Restaurant, Czech

Photos Beer Spa Restaurant located in Czech. As the name suggests, Photos Beer Spa Restaurant, guests can pamper themselves with spa while enjoying a beer. This restaurant is located in The Mountain Bahenec Wellness Hotel. Here, visitors can enjoy the spa while drinking beer, and relax on a bed of wheat straw for approximately two hours. Do not miss the unique sensation of drinking a beer in Photos Beer Spa Restaurant.
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