Nadhira, Girlband Sense of Islamic

January 11, 2012 | 05:06


Girlband Nadhira offer something different. They all appear with a bandage headscarf.

Girlband Nadhira look different, if usually girlband always look sexy, but this one girlband offer something different, they appeared with a headscarf.

Although performed with a headscarf, certainly will not reduce the beauty of the personnel of this girlband. Music group consisting of four beautiful women, namely Tari Nasution, Aida Baladjam, Nisaa Humaira and Desi Permatasari, also offers a pretty attractive singles, 'Mari Berjilbab'.

They at first was just a friend of one study. But their artistic passion to grow high enough to create a masterpiece.

Although today's popular girlband look is sexy and sassy, ​​but they did not budge. In artsy no rivals, the more other Nadhira us more happy, said one of the personnel Nadhira, quoted from page detikHot, Tuesday (01/10/2012).
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