Tips to make the spirit in the Morning

January 24, 2012 | 01:19

If every morning activities we do are not excited, of course we can not ever to enjoy the day. For some people, sometimes the morning is a very scary thing.

This paradigm will make us lazy when morning came, and eventually will ruin our mood. Actually, there are secrets to improve morale, especially in the morning. The following are tips to make the spirit in the morning.

- Create a small note before bed, write a fun event in a day. Can also note that will be done in the morning or anything that comes to mind in the moments before falling asleep. When morning came, read the note again.

- Memorize the proverbial positive because a positive sentence allegedly could stimulate a sense of happiness. For example, "This is a new day and there is a chance for a great new beginning."

- Put the favorite quote in a small frame on a table or in a place that can be easily seen. So when the mood is not good, this can help fix it.

- Put a glass of water next to a bed that is ready to welcome the day when the morning comes. Water in addition to refreshing the body, can be a good start to start the morning.

- Favorite book can also affect the mood state in the morning. In addition, reading before bed proved to increase the intelligence of the brain. Because the brain activity of reasoning. In addition to improving intelligence, read actual books can also calm the mind.

- Try to create questions about the motivation to ask yourself in the morning, like, "How would I make this wonderful day?" or "What can I do to the spirit of this day?"

- When starting to feel a bit overwhelmed through the day, try to break from the activities being conducted at the time. Sweet snacks such as chocolate, are believed to restore mood.

Walking into the mirror and smile at the face in the morning when waking from sleep, may also spur to get the spirit in the morning.
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