Melinda Star Guido: Third in the world Smallest Babies

January 24, 2012 | 05:05

Smallest in the world a baby born weighing only 0.26 kg in Los Angeles, United States. This baby survived after undergoing intensive treatment for 4 months and is now allowed to leave the hospital.

Babies of women who were given the name 'Melinda Star Guido' is born at 24 weeks of age and only has a body size of beverage cans. He was listed as the third Smallest baby in the world, and the second Smallest baby in the United States.

The first position is occupied by Rumaisa Rahman, who was born seven years ago with a weight of only 0.26 kg and the second position is occupied by Madeline Mann, who was born in 1989 with a weight of 0.28 Kg. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (01/23/2012).

Now that weighed about 2 kg, Melinda has allowed doctors to take home by his parents. During treated USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, doctors noted an amazing development of this tiny baby. Melinda is able to continue to grow and continues to increase her weight since birth in August 2011 then.

Melinda current body size has exceeded his mother's palm. Doctors still will monitor its growth up to 6 years.

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