YouTube present the sensation of watching videos in 3D

April 7, 2012 | 04:15

YouTube is one of the popular video sharing site owned by Google. Through this YouTube site users can load, watch, and share video clips for free.

YouTube present the sensation of watching videos in 3D

YouTube re-create the breakthrough that converts video into 3D. This new feature allows the video creator can convert their work into a 3D format.

After making the breakthrough with the release feature Video conversion of 2D into 3D. This site is owned by Google is developing a beta version that allows users to automatically convert a short video to 1080p quality to 3D format.

With this new feature the user can select the 3D view in setting the quality of the YouTube player. Users simply wear 3D glasses to view YouTube in another dimension.

As quoted from Engadget, 3D technology Google uses a combination of characteristics such as color, spatial and motion picture set of each video frame. These features are made based on lessons learned from a 3D video ever uploaded to YouTube, so that can explore the characteristics and sharpness.
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