Internet History

October 8, 2010 | 04:43

Internet as we know it today, was originally developed in 1969 by the Department of Defense United States by name ARPANet (U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). ARPANet built with the goal of connecting a computer network with other computers that are spread in order to avoid the centralization of information at one point.

In 1970 they managed to hook up more than 10 computers that form a network. Then in 1973 ARPANet network began to be developed outside the United States. History of the Internet continues when the computer at University College in London to join the network ARPANet. In the following years, this network is growing.

In 1982, because of the large computer is required to join a formal protocol that connects all computers and networks and established TCP / IP. In the year 1984 and then introduced the domain naming system known as DNS (Domain Name System). Internet grew rapidly in the 1990.So in brief internet history
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