Understanding the Internet

October 8, 2010 | 04:41

At the present time the internet is a word that is not foreign to the hearing. Internet already is a requirement in the search for information and as a means to communicate.

The Internet offers many benefits for us all, although there are good and bad benefits. Good benefits when used for learning information and bad when used for things that pornography, violence information, and others are negative.

The Internet also allows computer users around the world to communicate and share information by sending each other emails, connecting one computer to another, send and receive files in the form of text, audio, video, discuss certain topics on the newsgroups, websites and social networking others.
In making a blog or website we can not be separated with this internet service. With the internet we can create a blog and then we can use a blog for various things such as a place to express, share information, experiences and knowledge as well as a means of online business.
Internet is derived from the word "interconnected-networking" is a global network that connects a network with other networks worldwide, connecting the media can be a cable, satellite or radio frequency channel.
To connect to the Internet, users must use a special service called the ISP (Internet Service Provider). These ISPs are also called Internet service providers. We can use the facilities from Telkom as Telkomnet Instant, speedy and also other ISP services such as first media, netzip and so forth.
The tissues that make the internet work based on a set of standard protocols used for connecting computer networks and put address traffic in the network. This protocol set the allowable data format, error handling (error handling), traffic messages, and other communications standards. Standard protocol on the Internet known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). This protocol has the ability to work on all types of computers, without any unaffected by differences in hardware and operating system used.
A computer system that is connected directly to the network has a domain name and IP address (Internet Protocol) in numerical form with a specific format as an identifier. The Internet also has a gateway to the network and other protocol-based services.
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