Facing and Follow the National Examination

February 2, 2011 | 21:39

In the face and take the national exam prepare themselves optimally for all things in all aspire will be realized, to their fellow teachers and parents to provide encouragement and motivation to students to prepare for exams with the best possible for the success of our children , the future generation.

Below are some tips that might be a motivation or encouragement can give the spirit in the face and take the national exam.

Tips for Dealing with the National Examination

1. Study hard.
2. Repeating subjects.
3. Asked his colleague, parent or teacher if there is a lesson which is not yet understood.
4. Believe in yourself, believe in yourself kemampun.
5. Trying to do the exam questions years ago.
6. Practicing answering practice questions in the textbook.
7. Positive Thinking
8. Be casual.
9. Maintaining health with adequate rest, exercise, and eat regularly.
10. Pray

Following the National Exam Tips

1. Come to the exam site, before the time the test begins to adjust to the exam situation.
2. Make sure the test cards and stationery that you have brought needed.
3. Start by praying to God so that eased in answering examination questions.
4. Before you do the problems, read the instructions carefully worked examination questions.
5. Write your personal identity with a perfect, according to the charging instructions.
6. Manage time wisely.
7. Do it in advance about an easy, new questions are difficult.
8. Answer all examination questions.
9. Honest and not cheat.
10. Do not rush to leave the exam room.
11. Check your answers and recek back before leaving the exam room.
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