20 Cities with the Best Restaurant in the World

January 16, 2012 | 05:57

Class fine dining serving dishes can now be enjoyed anywhere in the world. Eat great food with a unique atmosphere plus there is also an international-caliber chefs all over the world. Michelin Guide makes its ranking for culinary lovers.

No confusion to find the best restaurants in a city when you travel. One way is by reading the manual from the book or the internet. Michelin Guide, for example. This red book is the oldest hotel and restaurant guides, has existed since 1900. Michelin Guide published annually.

In this famous guidebooks, travelers can read a review of the best restaurants. Assessment ranging from 1 star (best in its category), 2 stars (special, worth a visit again), and 3 stars (amazing, should be granted a special visit). Could get three stars are extraordinary pride for the owner of the restaurant, because it is very rare.

Currently Michelin restaurant guide has been published in the countries of Europe, North America, and East Asia. If you have trouble getting this book, Huffington Post has summarized the 20 cities that have the best restaurants in the world.

This ranking is sorted by number of Michelin-starred restaurants in a city versus the highest number of population. Here's the list, ranging from the best of the best to champion:

20. San Sebastian, Spain
19. San Francisco, California
18. Lyon, France
17. Laguiole, France
16. Baiersbronn, Germany
15. Bruges, Belgium
14. Monte Carlo, Monaco
13. London, England
12. Alta Badia, Italy
11. Sylt, Germany
10. Hong Kong, China
9. Yountville, California
8. Bray, England
7. New York, New York
6. Kobe, Japan
5. Paris, France
4. Courchevel, France
3. Osaka, Japan
2. Kyoto, Japan
1. Tokyo, Japan

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